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I'm Hugh Castor, licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, and massage therapist serving the Fort Collins area. Call me at 970-215-7419 for a free health consultation.

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Hugh's Acupuncture Clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic that provides holistic solutions for modern healthcare problems. The clinic is located in downtown Fort Collins, serving the surrounding community with expert acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine enjoys a long, distinguished history of treating illness with natural medicine, as well as a proven safety record. Acupuncture has been recognized by the World Health Organization for its effectiveness in a wide variety of illnesses.

The adjunct modalities of TCM are Chinese herbology, massage therapy, qigong (therapuetic exercise), and nutritional counseling. These are very effective tools to promote healing and restore health.

If your current state of health is not allowing you to fully enjoy your life, or you haven't gotten the results you need from conventional medicine, Chinese Medicine can help.

Call 970-215-7419 to set up an appointment, or use the button.

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